Hereafter (accepting death)

I plead you to leave me from this place
And hear the sound amazing grace!
Where I can wander and be enlightened instead
And leave these troubles, my beloved bed

In the hereafter is an infinite beauty
A galloping horse is what I am longing to see
The voice of freedom whispering in my ear
And flow with the breeze where a safe haven is near

Release me hastily so you wouldn't feel me go
And soon, I am nothing but memory tomorrow
Don't lock me up inside you closet
But let me out, along with the sunset

Death, I ceaselessly plead you to give
I want the whispers. I want to leave
The galloping of horses, an unknown breeze
And how soul shall dwell in peace

He's There and Always

Life is like a roller coaster. Sometimes you go up
Sometimes down. Life is never easy nor is it exciting without
Someone to share a seat with that forever ride.
Not asking, I have been with someone who's ALWAYS
There to share the seat with in that roller coaster...
He's there beside me, when the world's against me.
(He was the one who believed I did not eat the
Hotdog intended for my younger sister.)
He's ever ready to lend a hand when I need
Someone to help me.
(He mowed our lawn my mom told me to work on
but which remained undone 3 weeks.)
He always lifts me up when I'm feeling down.
(He reached a book from a tall shelf for me.)
He offers his handkerchief when tears start
Falling down my cheeks.
(He offered me his hanky when I was peeling onions.)

Everywhere Is Home

Everywhere I walk
Everywhere I roam
I am in my father's house
So everywhere is home

I live among the great big tree
My ceilings painted blue
My carpets are woven
With thick green grass
Covered with a heavy dew

If I want entertainment
I always have a show
Birds are singing
butterflies are dancing

Everywhere I walk
Everywhere I roam
I am in my father's house
So everywhere is home

Have You Ever Wondered About Nature?





Her Diamonds

The lady with a crown has got emeralds
Glittering like a midnight ocean.
Shall she sleep with rings in hand
She thinks I'll steal them,
As she lays down.
She should sleep with pillows
And prayers to God!
For she might die silent in her slumber.
Oh, how poor is she!
The revered might say
Her soul might be stared at, by an imp's eye
Says she gives her emeralds to the poor?
Never! She says,
But she slumbers in beauty
With her silent diamonds.

My Green, Green Grass

I saw my fields green, a minute ago
Now a pale goat on grasses that grow
It's but a minute that passed
Maybe tomorrow I'll cut the grass

The pale goat ran before tomorrow
Like a phoenix, escaped from snow
The goat is gone, says the crow
Should I grip the bird's claw?

And find the pale goat who've visited my grass
That forces me the grass to cut
With heedless determination- but
Frail hands, sure won't last

And so I'll stay between these meadows
Or inside my old house and watch by my windows
And never for a pale goat, to let it pass
To eat what is mine, my green, green grass!


The guitar's a nuisance
The wire's entangled
Every drum goes breaking
No mic can capture the voice
He sat in his couch
Stood up got his old dusty violin
And disappeared forever...


The little child was dreaming,
In a perfect world he stays
No fighting, no hassles
It's like a mind boggler
He saw the moonlight
In the ever dark gray sky
A lightning flashed
Every vow was broken
Beyond his reality...
He mumbled a silent prayer
For all those in trouble
For all those in need
And through the things that seem unfair
He found himself in peace...

Deaf, Blind, Mute

He can hear
.....but he doesn't spread the news
...he never tells
.....and just keeps what he hears

He could see
.....but he turns and pretends
...he shrugs his shoulders
.....and pretends to be blind

He meekly talks
.....but never expresses how he feels
...he has the idea but prefers to be silent
.....and grinds his own teeth

You are not alone

You are not alone,
When you feel down and isolated.
don't feel rejected
There is still a friend to be trusted,
Whom you can lean on when you feel wretched.

You are not alone,
When you feel lonely and guilty.
Don't feel self-pity,
There's still your loving family,
Who will support you all the way.

You are not alone,
When you are in trouble or feeling mad,
Don't give up or feel sad,
There is still our Almighty God,
To protect and comfort you when times are odd

You are not alone,
You have your inner tenacity,
The power, the will and the body
That will lead you to success and victory,
Amidst the hardest conquests that befall thee.

Just be strong and patient,
Be optimistic and self-confident,
Have hope, have faith,
Today, tomorrow and always,
You are not alone.

Mother of the Nation

Part of me I know its you
You gave your life for me to live
You've sacrifice too much, and I'll thank you
By this piece,from me, I offer only to you.

Why do I keep feeling this deep inside me?
The feeling that you don't even really love me
When you'll catch me on the place I shouldn't be
Given the punishment that you'll regret surely

Sometimes I feel that you are one of my enemies
You never let me go to the place I want to be
You always disagree on the things that I suggest
You keep on saying: "Mother knows best."

I really don't understand why you misunderstood
You always contradicted all my opinions
I have come to the point that I'll fight you back
Again, you'll say, "don't start". Then turn your back

Then there was this one time I didn't listen
I came to you, I was crying
I told you what had happened
And asked you, "Am I forgiven?"

You just sighed and held my hand
Whispered words that you always had
I looked into your eyes and then I realized
Your words are full of love that give life.

Now I know what you really mean
I promise you I will never argue again
Your words, I made them my inspiration
Because you deserve to be called, "Mother of the Nation."

True Love

God must not know about giving up
He must not have heard of the word enough
Heaven must be filled with nothing but love
How else could He go on loving me without a stop

His ears must be closed to open the complaints I have
His eyes blind to the black spots I made of my life
His anger must be not like mine or does He have
Why does He care for me, I am nothing but a crap

Or is that how He defines this thing we call love
Sometimes beyond my comprehension and grasp
What have I to deserve such compassion from above
It's as simple as manifesting True Love.


If only I knew you'd love me anyway
Then I should not have left so hastily
Doin' foolish things, having my way
Thinking I am a hero, survivor come what may

I climbed steep mountains to make you proud of me
Swam in deep oceans, sailed the roughest sea
Got no idea, these pursuits worried thee
Thou prayed amidst, danger won't befall me

Stupid indeed, lost in nonsense anxiety
How couldn't I have known, how blind I must be
To have lost sight, oh how could I not see
There's just no prize, no nothing I can pay

So tired of trying, confused to take which way
Made a mess of my life searching wearily
Of the way back home, back to thee
To thy lovin' arms knowing you'd love me anyway

Mother Nature

I was created
To give you everything...
Food, shelter, clothing
And life...

Without ME,
All will not enjoy life,
No one would exist
All would DIE...

I could sacrifice my life
So that people could live
so that people will exist
So that people will not DIE

All I need is protection
Care for me; protect me
Because when I die,
Everything shall perish

I can be your best friend
But I could be your worst enemy,
I bring hope and light
But my wrath is unforgiving

I can lead you to destruction
I can destroy your soul
I can bring total darkness
I can bring DEATH

Now, listen to this dictum
"Humanity, should reform and be contented...
Before it's too late...
Because one passes life but once..."

Like A Love

Like a love is a timid music
Its melodies could bring out a sigh,
Its cruel sound;
Could break a heart so fragile...

Like a love is a new song;
A premature lullaby,
To every young heart,
Of the sweet sixteens...

Like a love is an archer's game;
When cupid begins to play,
It tickles the heart;
With his bow may give the touch...

Like a love is an afternoon sail;
It begins its way,
It continues its voyage,
With the glittered midnight's gleam.
It reaches its destiny;
With the sunrise, beacon of a daylight's glare...

That Much

I love you that much comes with love
I understand you that much comes with love
We'll sacrifice that much
...for it comes with love
Parting ways hurt that much comes with love
Have faith that much
...for it comes with love
Have patience that much comes with love
Remember, HE suffered that much
...for it comes with love...from above.

an endless farewell unsaid

you believe, thus you are
i think i am
so many things we can do
so many things we can't be
or say, or see. ergo, we're not


Sometimes fear lives in my heart
Like what happens to any other human beings,
I don't know why and what
Should I be afraid of?
Maybe it's just a damned thing within me.

Fear of falling and failing make me sick
Not because I may be weak
But because
I am anxious about my own self
Not knowing where should I be.

Suddenly I found myself trapped
In an unknown destiny
I should discover the reality,
Somehow, no one could give a piece of pity,
To a lost soul like me.

Is this the place
...That I am destined to be?
I'm left alone
And no one could help me
Could someone lend a hand?

I never thought,
I never wondered,
I never planned,
And I am never prepared
For this kind of agony!

And then a light
A very bright light
Shone upon my face
It gave me hope
To struggle up and move on.

That light came from a girl
She was just standing in front of me
A very simple girl
Whom I admire so much
She extends her hand, she helps me out.

She was the girl...
Whom I'd been longing for,
And maybe, this is the right time,
The right time to know her,
To know her better and beyond herself.

But then, I awoke, this thing was just a dream
A dream that someday, somehow will come true,
The girl in my dream,
Would be someday real...
but in due time...

Our Song

I am lying on my bed
Just with my pillows
My eyes have turned to red
'Cause I'm filled with sorrows
I've got a wound in my head
And day-by-day it grows
As I keep on thinking of you
I can't help it no matter what I do.

I turned on the radio
Just to pacify
Myself from the heartaches
You left when you said goodbye
I realized my mistakes
As I'm hearing our song
Played by the radio that says
"Only in my arms is where you belong"

And now that I am alone
Inside this dark room
I just keep on crying
While I hear our song bringing
Back the memories of you
The things you love to do
And the moments we're singing
This melody with our hearts rejoicing.

I would never fall asleep
And I would just weep
With sorrows so deep
Although I seem like a creep
Still forever would I keep
Our song here deep inside'
In my window, I'd always peep
Waiting for you to come back by my side

I will keep on singing'
Our song in my heart
I will keep on smiling
Although we area apart
And I will keep on waiting
Just for you to come back
My lonely heart is still hoping
That someday, you would be there to knock.

Precious Moments

Expensive gifts and jewelry,
These you're always sending me,
That sometimes I can no longer see,
What inner value do these carry
These are nice and beautiful, it's true
But compared to the heartfelt
Laughter shared with you,
These are all of so little value.
No high-priced gifts or jewelry will do
Because I prefer spending precious moments
With you.

Our love has been assaulted many times, and I am
convince that it's true
The longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning
to be with you again. You I
I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that
rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day
when our physical separation will no longer be. I
Remember that I always believe in you.....
Take Good Care and.....I love you.....

So I Say Goodbye

(To all the girls I love before...)

I'm going into this not knowing what I'll find
But I've decided to follow my heart and abandon my mind
And if there be pain I know that at least I gave my all
And it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
In the morning, I may wake up to smile or maybe cry
But first to those of my past, I must say goodbye.


(Dedicated to those Curious)

First was nothing
Not even the faint echo a song
Loneliness was daily for me
Until you came along

There was a gleam of stars in your eyes
I thought I'd never feel this way again
But you were the one to reach into my heart
And found in me a friend

I could not ignore the magnetism
That I felt when you were near
And any problem plunging in my mind
Had suddenly disappeared

It was the rebirth of my heart
The day you became my fiend
Because I knew from the moment
I held you that I would find love again

The Heart's Uncertainty

The one you love, the one who loves you
You know you have to choose between the two
The decision you have to make is all up to you
Choose the one who will bring out the best in you

Your heart beats for someone
Someone's heart beats for you
But you don't want to hurt any of the two
Because they both mean a lot to you

The one you love, does he love you?
If he does, you don't have to think twice
If he doesn't, you just have to say goodbye
Or else he will only breaks your heart

The one who loves you, will his heart constantly
Beat for you?
If it will, why not learn to love him too?
Because it's not hard to love the one who loves you
especially when his love for you is true.

It's hard to decide, knowing both are one of a kind
you only have one heart and you can only put one in mind
But don't hurry your heart if it is not yet right time
Just wait for the right time, for the right one to come.

Far From Beyond

It's been so long since the last time we'd talked...
The last word I heard from you was goodbye,
While my tears kept rolling from my eyes
That was six years ago.

Here I am right now, sittin' on the stairs,
Still askin' myself what went wrong with us
In spite of all the things I've done
To keep our relationship alive.

I can still recall when we're together
As those mem'ries keep coming back into my mind
I can't help but to tell myself, you still love me...
But what can I do?

Those are just mem'ries noe...
Past that I should forget
Where I can find my right girl.
But... when will it happen?
Tomorrow? Next month? Next year?
Uh... I don't know...

I guess It'll be the day I die...
Coz' I know I'll never forget you
As I choose to live on those mem'ries
When we are still together...

My Finest Chum

From the deepest sea to the tallest mountain
From a dry land to a fountain
Everywhere I seek for you
And I'm happy that I treasure you

Hindrance and challenges had come
Together we meet and able to overcome
A strong tempest, troubled my life
But you said, only a trial to strive

In times of sadness and loneliness
In times of ditress when I'm hopeless
For each day that passes by
You're always here by my side.

It's really tedious to forget you
For all troubles and merry moments we've shared
All the things I gave, I won't regret
Because you are indeed a great friends.

Not an Apple

Not an apple, please
But that twinkling, shining star
That pure gold mango shape

Not an apple please
But a dumb statue of promises
And those open arms of sweet caress

Not an apple please
But my post in tsunamis
My bench in longings.

My Lady

I am supposed to be lonely
And never thought of falling so easy
But my heart seems to diagree
By letting the heartbeats fall for somebody.

A young lady with a face so lovely
Twinkling eyes like pearls beneath the sea
Oh I wonder how it feels to be
Falling in love with so deeply.

She's so beautiful to me
And she's so lovely as can be
I love her more than flowers can say
'Coz deep in my heart she's the one for me.

Dreaming of her every night and day
Wishing that she will smile at me
Her smile is the greatest thing for me
'Coz I always want her to be my lady.

I never thought of facing the reality
That she is now someone else's lady
I'd rather keep the heartaches within me
Even if I know this will surely kill me.

Wishing only that heaven will listen to me
Hoping that she will feel my love somebody
My love for her will still remain in me
And she will truly be my one and only.


Enter my sacred place;
Bring out my sacred things
Crack them down
Just kill me with your look

Come! Enter to my secret place
Make scars unto my skin
Crash me to my bones
Have joy in all my pains

Run! Take all my crowns
Go! Sit there on my throne
Just let my tears flow as rivers
Enjoy the power that you miss

Laugh, this time is yours
Be happy, be lifted in the air
Look down to me
And let your saliva fall

Be near, turn me to pieces
Burn me with your blood
Tear me with your teeth

But I'll speak no curse
Only blessings for you
I'll have no weeping
Be satisfied of your revenge

After all, leave me alone
Let me riise on my own
Not to sound in silence
Continue the murmurs of the brooks.

I Imagine

her lovely name
her submissive appearance
her warm embrace
his tender kiss

the way she speaks my name
the way she plays a game
the way she walks
the way she talks

to share true love with her
to partake blissful moments with her
to strengthen bonds with her
to have a date with her
in a perfect silent beach

Scorpion King

A creature of prison
Who has the power to control
The uncontrollable things
That man cannot restrain

A trusted companion and a friend
Who can be your protector
Who offers his life for you
In order to preserve your life

He will be your Avenger
Who destroys who ever touches you
With his body of poison
That no one can contradict

Fierce like a growling tiger
Who has feet of the fire
And strong like a ferocious buffalo
Who has hoofs of the rock

Swift like a fliying eagle
Who has a breath of a wind
And smart like a shark
Who has eyes of the water

He can be your friend
He can be your brother
He can be your master
And he canbe your hero.

Till My Heartaches End

Love me at the end of the day
Kiss me more and more, this I pray.
Ease the pain of tonight,
Start it with at the next twilight.

Hold me close and never let go
Caress me with your loving arms and so...
Bring me no more pain,
Let only your love remain.

Kiss me, go on and never end.
I love to love you... I won't pretend.
Hug me tight and wipe out the tears,
Cherish me most like I'm your prize!

Please never ever leave me alone,
'Coz it's true, I can't make it on my own.
Extend to me your sweet rainbow's bend,
Extend them, 'til my heartaches end!

With You

I search for someone
Who can understand me,
Who can love me
Who can care for me
But I'm tired of seasrching,
Until I found you
Thank you for coming
Into my life.
I feel secure
I feel loved
I feel cared
I know I found real love.

Sly Damnation

Hi. I'm Sly and I'm damned.
I'm embittered by such a double cross.
There's this foul play and someone has to pay the price.
I never thought it's sly because sly is sly.

Someone has just made access to the sly world
A playing game was demanded then I'm one
First stokes have been started
Mine is the final touch

I'll be your 13th floor, your calle trese
Your Friday the 13th and I will keep
Haunting you until you learn your lesson
And I'll make sure you learn it well

Black Heart

When is the right time to know i this person is the right one?
The right person for you.
The right person who will love you for the rest of his life...

It's easy to say that he's already the right person
But it's hard to accept when all of a sudden he's gone and has left you.
and never be with you...again.

It hurts so much that the person you're longing for had change...
The sweet and thoughtful one you're meet before has turned into a monster
A monter with a black heart
Who doesn't care about the people around him
Ignoring, not appreciating the people who love him.

You can't believe that he'll turn to a bad person
But every living and non-living thing in this world changes
There's nothing constant in this world.

The best you can do is to pray for him
And let God take care of his life
'cause God knows what is best is best for us.

I can't

I want to be with you always
But I can't...
I want to be always within your sight
But I can't...
I want to talk to you and share my happiness
But I can't...
And I want you to hear from me the words
But I can't

I've benn thinking do you love me too?
Do you also feel what I feel for you?
Are you thinking of me too when you're alone?

I guess you don't.
I'm not that important to you, am I?
Or even just one of your good friends...

But what can I do?
I'm only a human
And I can't have all that I want...