In our journey to life we will encounter
The proverbial rise and fall before the goal
Rain and mud may trammel our stroll
And in the dark we grope and crawl

Yesterday lies comfortably behind us
We were like little chirping birds
No heavy burden and still we can't fly
But a new day beckons us to grow

And dream grand vistas of our future
So we gather our strength to face the test
By our own hands, we paint in the colors
With our hearts, we make them breathe

We may grow weary, our spirits may break
Rest we must but not to leave the true path
With God as our guide,our light
We will surely come to our journey's end


Rohini said...

The goal=death right?

H S Consultants said...

I love your blog! You will be in our prayers and thoughts! Nice and informative post on this topic thanks for sharing with us.Thank you

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