Ecstatically Igniting

I've got so many things I wanna say to you
And too many words to let you know
But it sums up to one thing
And it's simply I love you.

I think I'm in love to the damnedest extent
And you fully occupy my heart
That even when I close my eyes
There is nothing I see but you

When you stare at me,these eyes of mine are burning
They're ecstatically igniting
My heart is intensely beating
Filled with this eccentric feeling.

When the sun is shining, I wanna be with you
And even when it's raining
Nothing could ever quench the heat
No one can abate my heartbeat.
You are the one that makes me keep on surviving
You are the air that I'm breathing
You are the life that I'm living
Without you, I think I would die.