What shall I do?
When the clouds are dark
And the rain is heavy?

How can I prevent
The lovely flowers from dying
And the river from drying?

Where should I go
When the roads are blocked
And the path is rough?

Where would I rest
When the ground is burning
And the flame is rushing?

Tell me how?
How will I face my woes?
Tell me what to do...
When are busy and
Screaming is impossible?

When the light turns dim and the
blanket is cold?
When air blows my sanity deep
into the ocean
And hungry sharks come close?

What can I do?
With my fears and dilemmas?
When words don't seem to divulge
in a soulful manner?
When dilemma cast me down
into a downfall?
Sigh, as the shallow of water
came running through my eyes.
...And I have no choice but
shatter and cry.