Your faith converted me
to faithlessness, for your
beliefs deny my existence
crucifies my ability to
love, refuses to redeem
and save me own my own
terms. I refuse to accept that
I am a sin that I come from a long
line of fornicator,
from ancient biblical
stories of men being
punished by fire and
brimstone for wanting
to know angels - a
euphemism for forbidden longings,
patriarchal holier-than-thou,
black-and white notions of good
and evil, right and wrong,
heaven and hell...
the lie that has become
the truth of our sad
existence. A lie that needs
to be confronted and defeated. In
truth, I will burn in hell or
live in heaven as much as
you do. I am as sinful or
as sinless as you are. I can
be as... passionate,
compassionate, wild
imaginative, creative,
loving, hateful, sad, vile
as you are. I can be
warrior, princess,elder,
prince, king, queen, man,
woman... anything I am, I
want to be and can be. I
can be whoever I want to
be. This I have learned,
accepted, celebrated about
myself. This I have
known long before your
faith almost and continues
to attempt to
destroy... nothing is ever
black and white...I reject
your faith... I accept the
call of life...