Sittin' here all alone
Searching my self outgrown
Realizing what has been wrong
That for me I haven't known

Till I met someone like you
Whom I could count on
And Whom I could trust
For you were there to listen

But then I never thought
Of having you soon
That a feeling has just come
And led me to be damned.

I thought of hating my self
But I did never intend
I just want to comprehend
This crazy feeling that I have

I tried to ignore everything
And I just can't help feelin'
For the pain is insisting
And that my mind is

A Communication to All

Neglect the times
You've been subdued
But don't ignore the
Victories you've won...

Exclude all the misfortunes
You've encountered
But don't forget
Your blessings have turned...

But most of all
Disregard all mistakes
That you can transform now
But don't forget the lessons
You've learned...

Think About It

Why won't war in this world stop?
Why are countries busy in politics?
Why are cities so polluted?
Is this a sign of the end of the world?

Whay do couples divorce and desert each other?
Why do fathers and sons hate each other?
Why do brothers and sisters argue?
Is this a sign to the second coming if Christ?

Why do people lure and kill?
Why do best friends betray each other?
Why do people experience crisis?
Is this a sign of the great tribulation?

Why do preachers spread the gospel woldwide?
Why do youth and aged people haste to marry?
Why fo false prophets come and decieve?
Is this the sign of the said rapture?

Think about it!
Know the answer!
Pray and read your bible!
Remember! We are in the end times!

What If?

Early morning, you wake up!
Run to and fro to do things in mind!
Do things without even thanking God!

Go to school out of mind,
Cheat to be able to pass,
Don't even think of the risk!

Sunday comes, dress youself,
Ready to attend the mass,
Just to fulfill your weekly routine!

Lighten your self, my friend,
It seems that you're too busy,
You didn't even have time for your God!

What if, God says to you when you call,
"Sorry, I don't know you
And I don't have time for you"?

Wisdom Foot

And vividly, scenes flash the you who bellied
Her way in the cafeteria on the second floor,
Of that bin to dig up your favotire food.
(Is it? Crackers were the only thing you've
Mealed for three months.)

And the moment you emphathized
With that lad, his mother buried herself,
In the crowd who mobbed
That Russian who's on sale
With unconfirmed "from Russia With Love"
You distinctly won his gusto then.

Why, I remember Cupid Eyeing you
Awhile ago, as you whip the cursing sun,
And bring to life, the hearts of this
Imbeciles, who lined their butts
On the sand, as you strum
That Gibson on to an enchanted chorus.

Honestly, these nuts forgot to move
The place, and my gut is craving
For a stuffing. Why, they too forgot
That time passes by, and guts do.
And heck, they forgot that
I am on the line.

Forsaken Treasure

I went to the library
Finding what the eyes could see
And saw books so many
Arrange systematically

As I read some of the books,
It seemed to me that it looks
Like, within each book is hidden
Voluminous treasure which are forsaken.

Just Two II

There are just two ends of human living,
Just like the body; the head, and the foot on the floor,
And study the puzzle, the answer say,"it is two",
It is that one inside the pit, and the one beyond that floor.

There are just two trees on the ocean bed,
Just two, though they've always stood apart,
Both are friends with the life in there,
Yet pleasure cheats the others own heart.

The devil might laugh right now, hah,
Still the verdict is clear, all things end with two,
Two mirrored walls, two things untrue,
Two beliefs, one worshiped and loved by two.

Coda, Since '5

He said he didn't have much dough, to hold on to life
But thought, to wed, would be a sweet lullaby.
So, he laced this parched chalice, with these three roses,
And sought for his associate, that was since '5.

His first hour: He said: " I dealt with those two harlots;
They entered hell and I did rather be own my way.
Now, I met four young buffs, they did filter the smoke,
Yet, bluntly as a kid's dream; it roused me I must say".

I mused, Ah, so your rib is not with those cuties,
And you went on, since it's been hours since '5; I mean,
Now you came here,clutching this cup with a hazy mind.
You widened your space huh, but why in this bin?

That third hour came a low one; He met no key holder,
"It seems disgust, did better," he warily confessed.
"Look, freckles outmoded my styles in buttering,
It's winning my face; it's giving me distress".

The fourth hour: He almost lobbed these roses,
They're dying; his last grip kept them from the crag.
Gaze at their eyes now; they got every cruel stare,
So sorry, he can't ease their hearts with that murky ballad.

And he won't point out, why the second bottle's annoyed.
"I'd shut my mouth,'bout the fifth, he said.
"I'd feel a lot better if you would give me a hand,
and, hah, yes, give me one more big lift". I stretched.

"To what I am in, it is a maze,
the brush find worry, in panting my heart.
Now I am here, in this pit with Mr. Wine,
Plus this stare that never did depart.

Olympus' wrath are all over me,
Venus in chains; it cripples my mind,
Shakespeare, does, all but madly fantasize
'Bout Juliet's plea. Let Oedipus be blind!

Huh, the boy is too cool; he's taking his time,
Half an hour toying with that coin in his hand.
The ditty must be some place, off the jukebox's lefty face,
Can't he just twang that thing over there? I don't understand

Ah...let him be... I'd better set free these beauties.
By the way, thanks for watering them, I'll hit the road now.
I might be back afterward ol'pally," he said with a grin,
"Oh, please don't bother," I begged,"it is nearly dawn."

I wish You Were My Guitar

I am alone in my room
And I'm feeling sexy
I'm lying on my bed
And I feel so much lonely.

Nobody is here
There's no one here but me
There's no reason to smile
I am missing you so badly.
Nothing can make me happy
And I feel so very empty
There is nobody I want to be by my side but you.
All I have is a guitar
Lying here with me inside this dark room
And I'm growing crazy.

I wish you were my guitar
I could play all night long.
And I could pluck your strings
When I wanna sing a song.
I will spread my wings
And make myself feel strong
While you are faraway
I'll try to think that there's nothing wrong.
Deep inside me, I believe
That only to me you belong.
The promises we've made will stay forever right inside our
Thru the distance and the spaces
Nothing and nobody could ever change
This love we are feeling.


Are we try to travel alone?
In places dirty,
Created by man,
...but on whose permission?
Who sent us walking?

They say
We are to know (we do)
Of things evil and good
Of happiness and sadness
Of lies and truth

With time's running moments
With people chasing silence
With society's rude scenes
Of rats, and laughing,
And an old man
The end is near!

My Friends

My friends are little lamps to me,
Their radiance warms and cheers my ways,
And even when it is dark and dreary
Friends help to brighten up my days.

I try to keep them bright by faith...
And never let them dim with doubt...
For every time I lose a friend
A little lamp goes out...

Moments of Life

I am here

I am here
Deciding to walk
Which foot to step first
Right left right...
Where am I going?

I am here
Staring looking
Do I have a goal in life?

I am here
In, out, in...
Is life dead? Death, alive?

I am here
Head moving
Right side, left side
Will GOD be there to help me?

I am here
Asking questions

The night has passed
The dark fades
Silence has gone.