In our journey to life we will encounter
The proverbial rise and fall before the goal
Rain and mud may trammel our stroll
And in the dark we grope and crawl

Yesterday lies comfortably behind us
We were like little chirping birds
No heavy burden and still we can't fly
But a new day beckons us to grow

And dream grand vistas of our future
So we gather our strength to face the test
By our own hands, we paint in the colors
With our hearts, we make them breathe

We may grow weary, our spirits may break
Rest we must but not to leave the true path
With God as our guide,our light
We will surely come to our journey's end

No One Waits Forever

If there's something
You want to tell
Or loving words to say,
Tarry not, lest you forget
Whisper it, today...

Each unspoken word
And letter unsent
Those forgotten greetings,
Is a wealth of love unspent...

Hearts are breaking
A certain love is waiting
So tell them now
Before it's too late...

Only in Solitude

Here I am again
Sitting in solitude
Yearning for someone
to hear me talk to me
But nobody's there
No one but myself...

In solitude
I found myself crying
It makes me think
of dying
Die... and end this grieving

But then in solitude,
...I found silence
...I found peace
That calms
my weary soul...

Only in solitude
...I've known myself
Only in solitude,
...I've finally found Him
So, I won't be alone


In the silent corner
of my past
Where I see every spectrum
of emptiness
Where I hear drops and taps
of silence
Where I feel the chill and warmth
of a vacuum
I know weepingg as laughter
and sorrow as bliss
The markings of pain
as sign of my strength
Shards of my fragmented
Lying idle, somewhere
Trying to recollect
one another
Though I remain still
and unmoved
Upon this space,
this insignificant
I must find

People from the Mountain

There dwelt in the mountains,
Life still in mud.
Breathing the high altitude air.
An excellent race:
By the veiled gods.

There dwelt in the mountains,
Where white skins conquer.
Forced them out to the wild.
For peace:
A gift from the gods.

And so they left for the wild
Voices whispering in the forest
Play gongs as if to call for the dead
As the old lady mysteriously chants,
Guide us, guide us, our ancestors!

Centuries of living,
There at the wilderness.
The crop of their thick hands
Sweet potatoes and boars
The dancing of sunflowers

The wilderness turned into a town
The town turned into city
Other races dwelt and settled
Laughed at and discriminated
The people from the mountains

Now, where are the gods?!
A story forgotten
They are at the east, and at the west (despair)
The gongs, the chants call no more
The ancestors are voiceless, a curse!

The witch of time
The witch of the lowlands
An infection to the mind
Of youth, of innocence
And the mountains are less traveled
...and so steep
While the witches swallowed the uncivilized.

Only in Solitude

Ecstatically Igniting

I've got so many things I wanna say to you
And too many words to let you know
But it sums up to one thing
And it's simply I love you.

I think I'm in love to the damnedest extent
And you fully occupy my heart
That even when I close my eyes
There is nothing I see but you

When you stare at me,these eyes of mine are burning
They're ecstatically igniting
My heart is intensely beating
Filled with this eccentric feeling.

When the sun is shining, I wanna be with you
And even when it's raining
Nothing could ever quench the heat
No one can abate my heartbeat.
You are the one that makes me keep on surviving
You are the air that I'm breathing
You are the life that I'm living
Without you, I think I would die.


What shall I do?
When the clouds are dark
And the rain is heavy?

How can I prevent
The lovely flowers from dying
And the river from drying?

Where should I go
When the roads are blocked
And the path is rough?

Where would I rest
When the ground is burning
And the flame is rushing?

Tell me how?
How will I face my woes?
Tell me what to do...
When are busy and
Screaming is impossible?

When the light turns dim and the
blanket is cold?
When air blows my sanity deep
into the ocean
And hungry sharks come close?

What can I do?
With my fears and dilemmas?
When words don't seem to divulge
in a soulful manner?
When dilemma cast me down
into a downfall?
Sigh, as the shallow of water
came running through my eyes.
...And I have no choice but
shatter and cry.


Your faith converted me
to faithlessness, for your
beliefs deny my existence
crucifies my ability to
love, refuses to redeem
and save me own my own
terms. I refuse to accept that
I am a sin that I come from a long
line of fornicator,
from ancient biblical
stories of men being
punished by fire and
brimstone for wanting
to know angels - a
euphemism for forbidden longings,
patriarchal holier-than-thou,
black-and white notions of good
and evil, right and wrong,
heaven and hell...
the lie that has become
the truth of our sad
existence. A lie that needs
to be confronted and defeated. In
truth, I will burn in hell or
live in heaven as much as
you do. I am as sinful or
as sinless as you are. I can
be as... passionate,
compassionate, wild
imaginative, creative,
loving, hateful, sad, vile
as you are. I can be
warrior, princess,elder,
prince, king, queen, man,
woman... anything I am, I
want to be and can be. I
can be whoever I want to
be. This I have learned,
accepted, celebrated about
myself. This I have
known long before your
faith almost and continues
to attempt to
destroy... nothing is ever
black and white...I reject
your faith... I accept the
call of life...


I will be
A shadow
That's out of control

Walking in
Through other
People's body
And soul

I will
See each
Bloody eye
Sharply stares

And their
Whisper deadly
Words in the air!

I will

Conquer the
World you

Pool of Tears

The world is dark
So unfair
So untrue
How can the cards of life
Be stacked against you?

Too many broken promises
Too many pools if tears
Too many shattered dreams
God in heaven, come near.
God sends us hope and dreams
To conquer all our fears
And let us soar like eagles
Across the pool of tears.